Student Art Gallery

  • Submitted by:

    Teresa Penner


    corner brook, newfoundland

  • Idea Created:

    October 29, 2011


    $100k - 150k (< 2014)


I would love to open an art gallery. I would 'rent' the gallery space to students or artists in the communitity that want to have their own showing. We can host the gallery showing with a black tie affair or casual, depending on how the artist would like to start show-casing thier work. After that, their art stays in the gallery for 2 weeks. People can purchase the art peices or they can be up for silent auction. I would also rent wall space to artists. This could mean a space large enough to contain a single art peice or an entire wall or room. We would also be set up for entertainment, again depending on the artist's choice, we would have a pianist, harpist, guitar player, ect. One person or a complete band. We would have the opening as a catered affair and I would use the caterers at Elaine's Restaraunt. During the week I would hold art classes for children and adults alike. I would teach painting, pottery, photography. I hold a visual arts degree in both painting and photography through the University of the Fraser Valley. In the front of the gallery would also be a small coffee shop. I picture warm colors, big, soft comfy chairs and couches situated around a fire place. Any artists that wants to have the gallery and host a gallery opening night, would be required to donate one peice of art work for silent auction. This money goes directly to the Autism Society here in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.