Know your neighbour exchange

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    Douglas W


    2070 de maisonneuve west Montreal

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    October 25, 2011


    Small (up to $50K)


Supporting a student exchange program within our own city and or province. Culture cross exchanges teaching french & english & other language by having families swap their children for a week/weekend...or even adults but children are our future. Funding could come in the form of helping them share their experiences live on Social Media, transportation or incentive to do so. We do it with country student exchanges and we have our own ignorance and intolerance work to do right in our own buildings, street, city and province or if enough funding interest in the country as a whole. I believe it would enrich our children and plant the seeds for tolerance and understanding now & into the future. Additionally the experiences could last a life time & be passed onto their friends, loved ones and family now and in the future generations to come. One person, one house, one street at a time, for a better community, province, country and whole knows, with social networking sharing the journey, the world. Cheers.