Thousands of ideas compete for one million dollars during the course of this three month competition.

Three phases of the competition:

* Click here for details about why 32 ideas qualified in round 3

Key contest Dates

Submit your idea starting on September 23.

Qualifying Round 1

30th September 2013 - Voting Begins
14th October 2013 - Voting Ends.

Qualifying Round 2

21st October 2013 - Voting Begins
4th November 2013 - Voting Ends.

Qualifying Round 3

11th November 2013 - Voting Begins
25th November 2013 - Voting Ends.


Semi-finalists will be notified November 28 and have five days to update their ideas before the semi-final voting period begins.

2nd December 2013 - Voting Begins
11th December 2013 - Voting Ends.


Our panel of judges reviews the finalist ideas to determine which ones will win full funding. Winning ideas will be announced January 28, 2014.

18th December 2013 - 27th January 2014

Winners Announced

28th January 2014

See Terms and Conditions for details