Selecting Grand Prize Winners

Make the finals and you're in the money. Every finalist receives a minimum of $5,000. Then, our judges will determine the Grand Prize winners.

Our judges will select the Grand Prize winners by:

  • 1. SCORING

    Judges will score each of the 30 finalist ideas using a specific set of weighted criteria, including those listed below.

  • 2. RANKING

    Each finalist idea will be ranked from 1-10 based on score in the size category they are competing in.

  • 3. FUNDING

    The Aviva Community Fund will fund at least one idea of each size, starting with the ideas ranked highest by the judges. We will continue funding ideas until all $1,000,000 has been allocated.


    Up to $150,000 will be reserved for the At-Risk-Youth Grand Prize and up to $150,00 will be reserved for the Broker Grand Prize

Scoring Criteria

The judging panel will evaluate the 30 finalist ideas based on these criteria:

  • Impact (25%)

    How deeply are people affected by this idea, and how urgent is the need? How many people will this idea benefit, and will it be compelling to a broad audience?

  • Likelihood of Success (15%)

    How likely is this idea to be successfully executed in the short term?

  • Longevity and Sustainability (30%)

    How long will the idea affect the community? Will it require regular funding beyond the initial request? If so, is there a plan to obtain additional funding?

  • Originality (5%)

    How original is the idea?

  • Submission Quality (10%)

    How much effort went into this entry? Was it well thought out and clearly explained?

  • Votes (15%)

    How many votes did the idea receive in the Semi-Finals?

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