About the Broker Competition

The Broker Prize, sponsored by Canadian Insurance Top Broker, is a special Aviva Community Fund Grand Prize. Given on behalf of our Broker partners, it provides an extra chance for an idea to win funding.

Broker Grand Prize winners will be announced on .

Compete for an opportunity to win up to $150,000

Broker competition entries compete for an opportunity to win up to $150,000 by letting Aviva-contracted Brokers support and promote them. These ideas move forward in each round through the same process as general entries, but if they make it to the finals, they have an extra chance to win funding. As with general entries, every finalist idea will receive a minimum of $5,000.

For an idea to be entered into the Broker competition, it must opt in to the competition and receive at least one vote from a registered Aviva-contracted insurance Broker during the opening rounds of the competition. To increase the odds of finding a local Broker, use our Find a Broker tool. Ideas submitted directly by Aviva-contracted Brokerages are also automatically eligible for the prize.

To see full eligibility criteria and competition structure, please see the Terms and Conditions.